HMM Woven Plate, Heat-Proof, Amber




?A Plate of Abundance Woven by Glass?

The AKAME X HMM Woven Plate is the fruit of a three-way collaboration by AKAME Restaurant, HMM Design, and Spring Pool Glass.

AKAME is a famous fusion restaurant in southern Taiwan that features wood-fired grilling, seasonal indigenous ingredients, unique herbs and spices, and wild vegetables. Woven Plate is inspired by Taiwanese indigenous people's woven shell-flower basket, converting the woven layers into a glass to present a beautiful piece of tableware through exquisite glass craft. The glass plate is made of recycled glass and can be fully recycled and reused, as Spring Pool Glass transforms through its craftsmanship the charm of the circular economy into dishes of abundance on the dining table. The unique woven pattern challenges the highest degree of difficulty in glass craft but also accentuates the beauty of glass.

With a 16-cm diameter, the compact and versatile plate can be stacked to save space. The woven-patterned dish blends cultural traditions and craftsmanship into practical tableware. It represents inclusiveness and giving, and expectation and blessing.


  • Made in Taiwan
  • MATERIAL Recycled Glass
  • SIZE Ø160*22mm
  • WEIGHT 260g

Good for dishwasher. Microwave is not suggested due to various temperature changes.