Issey Miyake Vue White Watch | Brown Leather

By Issey Miyake


The VUE white watch for Issey Miyake by Yves Behar was designed to capture the idea of time: why do I need to see all twelve numbers, when I only need to see one? VUE’s approach is to show the wearer only one number while fading in and out the numbers around it under an acrylic disc. This reminds the wearer of the time past and the future time to come. The mindset of VUE is to let the mystery of time be experienced: VUE is a way to feel time’s appearance and disappearance in our lives. This designer men’s watch for Issey Miyake and created by Yves Behar is a fabulous wristwatch for the existential man.

  • Water Resistant: 5 bar
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Band: Brown Leather