JIA Inc Family Belongings HULU Red Wine Decanter

By Jia Inc


The JIA Inc Family Belongings HULU Red Wine Decanter is inspired by the farmers from Northern China that used naturally dried HULUs in the kitchen. These items they used in the kitchen were considered family belongings that connected everyone to the same table. The wide round body of the decanter allows more space for aeration. The stainless steel filter will separate out wine sediment and fully aerate the wine to further develop the wine's aroma and taste. Get the best out of your wine with JIA Inc.
  • Dimensions: H 31.0 Centimeters x W 18.5 Centimeters x L 18.5 Centimeters
  • Material: Stainless steel, Silicone, Mouth blown glass, TPR
  • Designer: Yung-Ho Chang / Atelier FCJZ
  • Model: JHL530