Josh Rosebrook LIFT Hair Texture and Volume Spray | 4 Fl Oz

By Josh Rosebrook



LIFT Hair Texture and Volume Spray will give you weightless texture and volume with a matte natural finish. Similar to all the Josh Rosebrook products, LIFT delivers effortless style while encouraging a healthy scalp and strong hair growth through active herbal infusions

DIRECTIONS: For Texture and Thickening,  spray on towel dried hair and disperse evenly using a comb or a brush. For maximum volume, apply at base of hair, comb through evenly, flip head over and blow dry base of hair upside down. Blow dry hair in sections with a round brush - gather one section of hair at a time on the top and crown area, extend hair up, vertically, or over-direct the angle, this means extending the hair up and away, further in the direction from where it will fall. This creates a bend at the base of the hair and creates maximum volume. After applying Lift, whether using a blow dryer, a blow dryer and a round brush or air drying, the product will dry to a crispy-like texture. Break up the product with hands or brush to create desired expansion and texture.

INGREDIENTS: Water, *Brown Rice Extract, *Yucca Starch, *Lavender, *Rosemary, *Horsetail, *Sage, *Thyme, *Peppermint, *Burdock, *Oregano, §Xanthan Gum, §Potassium Sorbate, Saponified Coconut Oil, †Orange Essential Oil, †Lavender Essential Oil, †Rosemary Essential Oil, †Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.


MODEL: 1030