Juniper Ridge Bar Soap | Christmas Fir

By Juniper Ridge


Juniper Ridge crafts fragrances that reflect the scents found in nature. This bar soap boasts the unmistakable aroma of the salvia apiana plant: white sage. Clean yet earthy, round yet sharp, light yet not lacking in depth, sage's fragrance lends itself nicely to the daily ritual of washing up. Thanks to the base of sunflower and coconut oils, this soap won’t dry out your skin, and real pieces of sage are left in for gentle exfoliation and an aromatic boost. Rub the bar over wet skin, lather well, and rinse. Whether you keep it by the sink or in the shower, it’s sure to fill the space with the cool, refreshing, spicy, earthy, minty, and invigorating breeze of the coast.


  • Skin friendly ingredients
  • Reflect the scents found in nature
  • Boasts the unmistakable aroma
  • Rub the bar over wet skin, lather well, and rinse
  • Based in Oakland, California