Kalon 3 Blocks Nesting Tables/Stools | American Woods

By Kalon

$900 $1,295

Designed to become one of your favorite versatile pieces of furniture you can’t live without, the Kalon 3 Blocks Nesting Tables/Stools are perfect for any space. Each block is made of solid sustainable White Oak, Maple, Walnut, or Ash and feature elemental shapes that that play with the square, the circle and the line. Keep the blocks nesting to save space or stack to create shelves. These timeless blocks can be used for just about anything. A great addition to a child’s room to organize toys or use as stools in any room. Kalon is a recognized on an international level for their transparent ethics and chic design. Feel good about your furniture and help the environment with sustainable furniture from Kalon.
  • Made the USA from solid American White Oak, Bamboo, Maple, Walnut, or Ash wood
  • Finished with a natural, non-toxic oil/wax finish.
  • Small block: 13.5″ square Medium block: 15.25″ square Large block: 17″ square
  • White Oak: 121-O-B, Maple: 121-M-B, Walnut: 121-W-B, Ash: 121-O-B