Kenko Dumbbell Weights 1kg American Walnut 2800-1KDW

By Kenko



Kenko’s aerobic dumbbells feature a minimalist design with maximum functionality. Each features a weighted iron core with a natural American walnut exterior that is both strong, and aesthetically pleasing. These uniquely modern dumbbells are perfect for a range of exercises for the whole body— especially for biceps, triceps, shoulder, and back.

The dumbbells embody aesthetic and strength. Its beautiful appearance and functionality ensure years of everyday use in diverse fields – from home to office.

The Kenko brand and studio develops and offers a range of high-quality sports equipment. Whether for hotels, gyms or for private use, kenko‘s concept of health and fitness champions the purity of minimalist design, form, and function. Kenko philosophy believes in a return to the natural form, using materials such as wood and cork in geo-metrical shapes to create a new approach to fitness and wellness. This is the Kenko philosophy.


Materials: American Walnut, Brass, Ironcore
Dimensions Height: 22 cm, 4.5 cm