Kerzon Fragranced Candle 185g | Tuileries Palais Royal

By Kerzon


Envision a bride’s colorful bouquet. She poses with it gaily while being photographed in the Royal Palace garden. In her image, the Tuileries Palais-Royal candle is a harmonious blend of cut flowers with an aquatic head and Hyacinth's floral heart on a woody green base.

Kerzon’s fragranced candles are conceived with lots of TLC. They feature natural biodegradable wax, a braided pure-cotton wick, and a subtle perfume composed of various quality raw materials.

The Essentials

  • 100% natural wax and pure cotton wick
  • Low environmental impact and Imprim’vert labeled printing process.
  • Recyclable paper cases sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Method of Use

To get the most out of your Kerzon candle, it is recommended to observe certain practices in use. For equal distribution of the wax and efficient fragrance diffusion, let your candle burn until its entire top surface is a liquid wax. Please do not burn your candle for more than 2 to 3 hours in a row to preserve its delicate scent. When you blow it out, dip the wick in the wax and remove it right away, making sure it is centered and straight. Regularly trim the wick to about 3 millimeters in length.


  • Benzyl salicylate
  • Isocyclocitral
  • Eugenol.