Kiko Leather Notepad Jacket | Brown

By Kiko Leather


Who's taking notes? Probably the person with the full grain Cowhide Leather Notepad Jacket. Necessary? Not really. But it will make even the sloppiest of doodles look classy and professional. This patent pending design by Kiko Leather wraps your generic notepad in smooth full grain leather with a slide in and velcro closure, along with a convenient pen storage spot. Time to take those meetings to the next level.

  • Made from a smooth full grain cowhide leather
  • Contrast color stitching
  • Easy slide in and velcro closure
  • Features a pen holder at the top for easy access
  • Fits standard and legal size notepads. 
  • *Notepad not included*
  • *Patent Pending*
  • 408brwn