Lignum Liid Chef's Knife | Robina Wood

By Lignum


The Liid Wooden Kitchen Knife is crafted with striking Robinia wood, gifting the handle and body a gorgeous, sleek appearance. This highly popular edition of the Liid comes completely from mother nature and was manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner. Each and every last piece of cutlery from Lignum is repeatedly quality checked, ensuring long-lasting elegance and functionality. To propel their wish for a sustainable future forward, Lignum plants one new tree for every knife sold in cooperation with

Origin: Handmade in Germany

Care: NO dishwasher & chemical cleaners! Just use warm water & oil it with linseed oil.

Sharpening: leather strap & whetstone


  • Body: Robinia wood from Germany (8 years air dried)
  • Blade: classic knife design re-interpreted 
  • Blade length: 132 mm
  • Hardness: 63 HRC (Rockwell)
  • Wight: 242 mm
  • Type of Steel:
  • SB1 - surgical steel from medicine
  • Titan Coating - black titan protection
  • Damast - 200 Layers of Balbach DSC-INOX