Marset Funiculi Floor Lamp | Off White

By Marset


Over the course of his storied career, designer Lluis Porqueras has distilled the form of each artistic lamp he has crafted, doing away with superfluous features to leave a simplified product with a useful essence. The Off-White Funiculí Table Lamp from Marset fully embodies this concept with its striking, barebones design and quirky aesthetic. The name Funiculí comes from the concept of a “funicular” action (moving up and down). The mechanism for raising and lowering this lamp uses a pair of clips which adapts the height of the shade to the user’s needs. The lamp shade itself can be rotated through 360º to point the beam of light anywhere it is required.

  • Dimensions: 53.75" x 9.76" x 7.42"
  • Base and stem in lacquered iron
  • Shade made of lacquered aluminum
  • Base wrapped with black rubber
  • Model number: A641-007