Marset Vetra 20 Pendant Light

By Marset

Lamp Type:

Designed around a traditional blown-Glass profile, the Vetra 20 LED Pendant Light by Marset uses a completely closed Glass diffuser as a reflector to creatively place the light source outside, rather than inside, the shade. The dream vision of designer Joan Gaspar, this fixture gives off more light than you’d expect, much of which is directed down (which makes it a uniquely well suited solution for task lighting in workspaces and creative corners). When turned on, this fixture creates a vibrant light that seems to hover and take on a life of its own, highlighting the minimal profile that gives it such definition. It’s a wonderful and unique touch that’s essential for the contemporary home.

  • Designer: Joan Gaspar
  • Material: Lacquered aluminum dissipater, blown glass
  • LED Type: Vetra 20: LED SMD 6W 350mA, Vetra 32: LED SMD 11.5W & Vetra 43: LED SMD 21.7W
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K CRI90
  • Light Source: Vetra 20: 500lm, Vetra 32: 1019lm & Vetra 43: 2039lm
  • Luminaire: Vetra 20: 195lm, Vetra 32: 348lm & Vetra 43: 881lm
  • Assemble: Yes