Match Castello Pillar Candlestick

By Match


Our Castello candlestick is a substantial piece inspired by European antiques that originally were ceremonial, but today enhance a range of non-ecumenical interiors, and are as beautiful unlit as when in use. We often group this piece with our Siena and Pillar designs to create a wonderful display, and suggest using 3-inch diameter pillar candles in each.
match candle holders effortlessly display well with each other; we strongly encourage mixing different styles and heights on your table, around your tub, on a mantle or wherever you choose to enjoy candlelight.
Each is stamped with hallmarks representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy and the region of Italy where our pieces are made.


  • Stamped with hallmarks
  • 3-inch diameter
  • Handmade in northern Italy