Match Measuring Beaker

By Match


Our family of beakers, available in five sizes, are cast from original antiques. This particular size is perfect for a bouquet of flowers, but also to hold kitchen utensils, and comes with a wonderful back-story. Beakers of this type were historically used by shopkeepers to measuring items like flour or oil. Periodically an inspector would visit to make sure the shopkeeper wasn’t cheating the customers by using beakers with false bottoms; if the beaker passed inspection, it was stamped to prove it was a true measure.
Ours also bear additional stamps – representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy and the region of Italy where our pieces are made. We suggest grouping in odd numbers to make a stylish design statement.


  • Dimensions: 7 inches high
  • Handmade in northern Italy
  • Dishwasher Safe: Hand Wash