MillerGoodman Kid's Puzzle | PlayShapes

By MillerGoodman


There are some toys which define our childhood. When we were young, we played with a bag of bricks, which formed the foundations of our relationship to playing, and to creativity. We wanted to make a version of this classic toy which was imaginative and playful. By incorporating curves, eyes and moustaches into Playshapes, we found that we could build faces, funny creatures, or endless fantastical creations – alongside more traditional designs you can create with our homage to the toy we all loved most as children. PlayShapes is a set of 74 shapes crafted from environmentally-friendly, durable rubberwood. The set of shapes come in a printed, unbleached cotton drawstring bag. Shapes are coloured on one side and natural on the other – you choose how much colour you incorporate into your creations. We enclose illustrations which may set you on the right path.


Box size:
  • Length: 21cm
  • Width: 19cm
  • Height: 15cm