Mojow Furniture Yomi Armchair Limited Series | Open Bar

By Mojow


Introducing the Mojow Furniture Yomi Armchair Limited Series, a fusion of timeless elegance and modern design in collaboration with the Society of Wonderland. Limited to just 60 units globally, this YOMI "Open bar" armchair boasts a luminous aesthetic, redefining contemporary seating. Crafted from eco-friendly TPU and a sleek black aluminum frame, the chair remains cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight, thanks to its "cold" material composition. With a weight of 9.6 Kilogram and a maximum supported weight of 150 Kilogram, it's both sturdy and stylish. The TPU material is ultra-strong, recyclable, and biodegradable, ensuring sustainability. Its unique features include UV protection, reinforced welding, and a comfortable seating experience. Maintenance is a breeze with soapy water or ice-washing detergent, while winterization in colder climates is recommended for prolonged durability. Embrace the future of seating with the Mojow Yomi Armchair – a limited edition masterpiece backed by a 2-year warranty, extendable for an additional year. Elevate your space with this exclusive, pet-friendly, and exceptionally designed armchair that captures the essence of modern luxury.

Exclusive Limited Edition: Elevate your space with the Mojow Furniture Yomi Armchair Limited Series, a rare find with only 60 units available worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Design: Immerse yourself in the fusion of past aesthetics and contemporary elegance, crafted in collaboration with the Society of Wonderland.

Durable Construction: The black aluminum frame ensures stability, while the absence of traditional welds minimizes the risk of tearing even with intensive use.


  • Poids: 9.6 Kilogram
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 150 kilogram
  • Material: Eco-Friendly TPU And Black Aluminum Frame
  • Luminous
  • Sizes: 70x83x77 centimeters
  • Super-strong TPU
  • Pet-friendly
  • UV protection
  • Reinforced welding
  • Seating comfort
  • TPU: New Ultra-Strong, Recyclable And Biodegradable Material, Odorless And Chlorine-Free