MOJOW Furniture | Yomi Atelier Armchair | Black Aluminum Frame | Black and White



Introducing the Yomi Atelier Armchair from MOJOW DESIGN's exclusive collaboration with Society of Wonderland—a limited edition gem marrying timeless aesthetics with modern design. Limited to just 50 units worldwide, this armchair is a collector's dream, artfully exploring past lines in a resolutely contemporary form.With a sleek Black Aluminum Frame and a chic Black and White palette, this armchair becomes a focal point in any space. Crafted with innovative TPU, a "cold" material, its transparent models allow sunlight through, ensuring a consistently cool touch, even under direct sunlight (optimal for a shaded setting with smoked black). Weighing a mere 9.6 kilograms yet supporting up to 150 kilograms, this armchair seamlessly blends style with functionality. The wood frame adds sophistication, and with dimensions of 70x83x77centimeter, it effortlessly fits diverse spaces, indoors or outdoors. The super-strong TPU is pet-friendly, UV-protected, and reinforced with welding for lasting durability.

Limited Edition Exclusivity: Embrace exclusivity with the Yomi Atelier Armchair, a limited edition masterpiece from the collaborative design prowess of MOJOW DESIGN and Society of Wonderland, limited to just 50 units worldwide, making it a rare and collectible find.

Contemporary Heritage Design: Experience the perfect fusion of timeless aesthetics and modern design, as this armchair explores past lines and styles, delivering a sophisticated and resolutely contemporary piece that enhances any space.

Striking Black and White Aesthetics: Elevate your decor with a visually striking combination of a sleek Black Aluminum Frame and a chic Black and White color palette, ensuring that this armchair becomes a stylish focal point in any room.


  • Poids: 9.6 kilogram
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 150 kilogram
  • Material: Eco-Friendly TPU And Black Aluminum Frame, wood frame
  • TPU: New Ultra-Strong, Recyclable And Biodegradable Material, Odorless
  • And Chlorine-Free
  • Sizes: 70x83x77centimeter dimension
  • Super-strong TPU
  • Pet-friendly
  • UV protection
  • Reinforced welding
  • Seating comfort