Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 Chef's Knife

By Nesmuk


The Pinnacle Of Smithing

Hardly any other knife expresses the origin and consistency of artisanal skill like the hand-crafted knifes from Nesmuk. From the firewelding, forging, hardening, and grinding of the hollow grind to the assembly of the grip: More than four dozen steps are necessary for the manufacturing of one C150 chef’s knife.

Craftsmanship In Completion

High concentration, for hours or even days, is necessary for working out the cutting layer of carbon steel, visible in black below the wild damascus steel – a crafting feat, only mastered by few smiths around the world.

Perfection From The Hand Of A Master

The fine cutting layer is also visible on the 3mm strong back of the blade. Only a knife that is found to be of flawless perfection receives our archaic bat symbol as a sign of quality and authenticity.


  • Blade: 180 mm, hand-forged Damascus steel with cutting layer cutting layer, 401 layers, 64 – 65 HRC, both-sided hollow grind, NPC coating
  • Clamp: polished stainless steel
  • Includes: Nesmuk Strop, Nesmuk Leather Sheath, Piano-lacquer box, certificate of authenticity
  • Model: EDSBR1802010, EDSC1802011, EDSEM1802014, EDSG1802011, EDSJI1802012, EDSME1802010, EDSMB1802011, EDSMG1802011