Nesmuk Exklusiv Folder 66 Layers

By Nesmuk


Masterpieces Of The Best Damascene- And Goldsmiths

Unmistakable aesthetics and highest precision: The hand-forged damascus steel blade of the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV folder 66 layers is made from two different steel alloys, creating the unique pattern of the blade. Building the exclusive folders needs absolute precision and is done at Nesmuk by our goldsmiths.

Experience And Passion

The elegant pattern of the Damascus steel is created by elaborate torsion. It needs the experience and passion of a master smith to create an even and beautiful pattern - like a fingerprint, the Damascus pattern makes every folder unique.

Perfection Down To The Last Detail

The unique construction allows for no tolerances and the parts are fitted to a 100th of a millimeter. Not only the blade, but also the spring are made from hand forged damascus steel, providing a unique pattern on every folder.


  • Blade: 89 mm, hand-forged Damascus steel, 66 layers, 61 – 62 HCR, wedge cut, NPC-Coating
  • Bezel: Polished stainless steel
  • Included: Leather case, Piano lacquer box, certificate of authenticity
  • Model: FED66MS2017, FED66JS2015, FED66L2015, FED66O2017, FED66KS2015, FED66KO2017, FED66KP2017, FED66KW2017, FED66T2015