Nesmuk Janus Chef's Knife 180 | Micarta Green

By Nesmuk


CRAFTSMANSHIP MEETS HIGH-TECH: Nesmuk JANUS – unmistakable by the black blade – is crafted from a high performance steel containing niobium and finished with a high quality diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) improving the functionality of the blade. The chef’s knife with the 180mm long and 4mm thick, one-sided hollow grind blade is the classic all-rounder and as the „basic knife“ indispensable in every kitchen.

HIGH TECH COATING FOR HIGHEST CUTTING COMFORT: The DLC coating method was invented for highest standards and is used in medicine, spaceflight and racecar motors. The amorphous carbon coat, a few micrometer thin, is immune to acids, bases, extreme temperatures and similarly aggressive effects. Nesmuk uses an extremely hard, deep black coating variant distinguished by low friction and high scratch resistance.

UNIQUE STEEL FOR EXTREME SHARPNESS: The uncoated and polished edge guarantees the finest possible cut: The unique Nesmuk steel contains the element niobium – this makes it possible to have an extremely fine steel mix and high rust resistance at the same time. It also increases the mechanical density, making the blade tougher and stronger. The result is an extreme sharpness as well as better blade lifetime and edge holding ability.


  • Blade: 180 mm, Niobium steel, 60 HRC, single-sided hollow grind, DLC-Coating.

  • Ferrule: Polished stainless steel.

  • Included: High-quality matt black cardboard box, certificate of authenticity.