Nesmuk Janus Steak Knife Set | Grenadill

By Nesmuk


Classic Nesmuk Sharpness Paired Knife Set

Striving for perfection. The Nesmuk Janus steak and table knife, goal has almost been achieved. The blade consists of a special knife steel refined with nitrogen. This unique alloy makes the steel extremely resistant to corrosion. At the same time, the steel can be hardened considerably more without becoming brittle.

Perfection In Every Detail

The Janus steak & table knives are additionally refined with the Diamond-Like-Carbon coating (DLC). This coating, only a few micrometers thick but extremely hard (2,300 Vickers), makes the blades insensitive to acids and similar aggressive influences.


  • Blade: 115 mm, Niobium steel, 60 HRC, DLC-Coating
  • Ferrule polished stainless steel, fine lacquer black
  • Included: High-quality matt black cardboard box, certificate of authenticity
  • Model: SKJ113G