Nesmuk Leather Knife Bag | Black

By Nesmuk


The Nesmuk Knife Bag

Like all Nesmuk products, the Nesmuk knife bag is a feast for the sense of touch. The black, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather with the distinctive embossing is hand-stitched and perfectly processed. It feels soft to the touch and after opening, up to five knives provide the ideal mobile storage space.

Functionality & Clever Design

The Nesmuk knife bag can also hold a strop and sharpening stick. For leather care, 50 ml of care oil are included, and if you are travelling, a closable fabric bag protects the knife bag.


  • Material: Soft, vegetable tanned cowhide leather, hand-stitched, black with embossing, knife rest magnetic and cut-resistant due to Kevlar fabric, offers space for 5 knives, stroking strap and sharpening stick
  • Includes: Care oil 50 ml and sealable fabric bag
  • Dimensions: Closed: 49,5 x 11 cm, open: 62,5 x 49,5 cm
  • Model: LMT2019