Nesmuk Soul Bread Knife 270 | Grenadilla

By Nesmuk


PERFECT FOR ALL KIND OF BREADS: Bread is an important staple food in many countries of the world and enjoys a high status. In Europe in particular, bread is considered a cultural asset. This can also be seen in the incredible variety of bread types. This diversity results in special requirements for a bread knife. - It should cut soft bread without much pressure and formation of crumbs and at the same time work effortlessly through hard crusts.

INNOVATIVE SERRATED EDGE: Two differently shaped teeth ensure a comfortable cut through all types of bread. In addition, the serrated edge has been designed to be gentle on the cutting surface and less scratching.

SWEDISH KNIFE STEEL: For our bread knives we use a Swedish steel, which was specially developed for knife blades and is characterised by very good cutting properties.


  • Blade: 180 mm, Niobium steel, 60 HRC, single-sided hollow grind, DLC-Coating.

  • Ferrule: Polished stainless steel.

  • Included: High-quality matt black cardboard box, certificate of authenticity.