Nesmuk Soul Bread Knife 270 MM

By Nesmuk


Perfect For All Kind Of Breads

Bread is an important staple food in many countries of the world and enjoys a high status. In Europe in particular, bread is considered a cultural asset. This can also be seen in the incredible variety of bread types. This diversity results in special requirements for a bread knife.

Innovative Serrated Edge

Two differently shaped teeth ensure a comfortable cut through all types of bread. In addition, the serrated edge has been designed to be gentle on the cutting surface and less scratching.

Swedish Knife Steel

For our bread knives we use a Swedish steel, which was specially developed for knife blades and is characterised by very good cutting properties.


  • Blade: 180 mm, swedish knife steel, 58 HRC
  • Ferrule: Polished stainless steel
  • Included: High-quality matt black cardboard box, certificate of authenticity
  • Model: SBBR260, SBC260, SBEM260, SBJB260, SBJI260, SBBM260, SBME260, SBWM260, SBZE260