Nesmuk Soul Chef's Knife 140 | Grenadilla

By Nesmuk


THE LITTLE ALL-ROUNDER: The Nesmuk SOUL chef's knife with a blade length of 140 mm is the small universal knife from our manufactory and is ideally suited for cutting or dicing vegetables. The blade is a little bit higher and therefore provides more security. The filigree knife handle with its functional ergonomics ensures perfect control. This makes the knife perfect for all those who normally like to use small peeling knives. The blade is made of the patented niobium steel and therefore has an improved cutting ability and a very long service life. Equipped with Nesmuk's typical one-sided hollow grinding, which reduces weight and cutting ability.

THE THINNEST STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Only the Nesmuk steel can do this: the blade, which is only 3 mm thick on the back, is hollow-ground on one side and thus creates the thinnest geometry that can be achieved with a stainless steel blade.

ONE-SIDED HOLLOW GRINDING: The one-sided hollow-ground blade offers a unique cutting feel. The blade is also about 30 g lighter - perhaps the lightest chef's knife in the world.


  • Blade: 140 mm, niobium steel, 60 HRC, one-sided hollow grinding.

  • Clamp: High-gloss polished stainless steel.

  • Inclusive: High-quality matt black box, certificate of authenticity.