Nesmuk Strop Knife Sharpener | Leather

By Nesmuk


To keep your blade finely sharpened and ready for use, Nesmuk exclusively recommends the use of their Folder Strop Knife Sharpener. Well conceived and exceptionally crafted, this strop's core is made out of German Oak, features leather straps on three sides, and different fine diamond pastes. The fourth side that is free of leather or diamond paste serves to polish your blades.  All it takes is drawing both sides of your blade three to four times across the three strips of leather, and move onto the fourth polishing side to maintain a state of perpetual sharpness. Nesmuk's Strop comes with a leather pouch for simplistic storage. 

  • Made from Grenadilla wood and leather
  • Ideal for sharpening Nesmuk's Folder Knives
  • Comes with leather pouch
  • Made in Germany
  • Model: STR3752011