Degrenne Newport Twist Gift Box Of 2 Glasses & 1 Carafe Stackable Set

By Degrenne


NEWPORT TWIST wisky set is composed of 2 cristal glasses and one cristal carafe stackable, adorned with a elegant cutting. All of the DEGRENNE stemmed glass collections are produced in premium quality crystalline. The tasting of a wine is a very special and pleasant moment, to share in all its simplicity. To taste a wine, is to savour every sip. DEGRENNE has stemmed glass collections on offer, to unveil the aromas, which appeal to amateurs just as much as connoisseurs! The coloured or clear tumblers from DEGRENNE can be used on all occasions: at breakfast, during family meals, at snack time or even at aperitif time.


  • Composed of 2 cristal glasses and one cristal carafe stackable
  • Adorned with a elegant cutting
  • Dimension: 3 units
  • Material: Crystal
  • Weight: 2.34 kg