Nicolas Vahe Fry pan, Presentation Collection, Silver finish

By Nicolas Vahe


Use this set of 2 mini frying pans to serve omelets and other dishes at the table. They are called presentations and present your cooking in individual portions. With the stainless steel and brass handles, the frying pans adds an informal yet stylish touch to your table setting. Take your dishes straight from oven to table and give your guests a memorable experience. Food presentation matters, and with the range of miniature tableware from Nicolas Vahé, your guests are in for a spectacular dinner. Max temperature: 250°C / 480F. Suitable for electric and fan-assisted ovens. Suitable for electric and gas hobs, but not for induction hobs. Hand wash only. Please note that discoloration may occur over time as the item is subjected to heat. This is common for stainless steel but has no impact on the safety or performance.


  • Made from stainless steel and brass handles
  • Set of 2 mini frying pans
  • Max temperature: 250°C / 480F
  • Suitable for electric and fan-assisted ovens, electric and gas hobs
  • Hand wash only