Nomad Lightning iPhone Cable | 0.3M

By Nomad


The ultra rugged Lightning Cable in .3 meter from Nomad allows you to declutter your bag when traveling with your portable charger. Made with braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance and reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync. This phone cable has a 2x thick protective PVC jacket, extra thick wire gauge, and a robust polyamide core. Designed for heavy everyday travel use. Its perfect for adventures with your Nomad Battery Pack!
  • 10K Mil-spec flex tested
  • Apple MFi approved
  • Braided ballistic nylon cable
  • Materials:
    • Ultra Rugged Ballistic Nylon
    • Polyamide central core
    • Fire resistant PVC jacket
    • Vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie
  • Technical:
    • RF Shield for Fast Sync
    • 20AWG for Fast Charging
    • Length: 0.3 meter
  • Model: NM015B1000