Nomon Axioma I Clock | Chromed Box

By Nomon


This wall clock comes with a chromed case the hands are made of polished steel or painted in white black or red.
It has natural and handmade details because it is manufactured manually.
It offers excellent harmony with the elements that form it. You can customize the time signals. It also uses a UTS machinery from Germany. It is ideal for houses with an avant-garde design because it offers style and modernity.
Its unique models make this adhesive clock an original element.
You can place it in your home offices at the receptions or any space you want because it is of great quality and goes with any decoration. It has the quality of being a Nordic style clock and if you want you can combine it with modern furniture, it works with batteries so it does not require cables or electrical connections to give you the time. Its finishes show the exclusivity of the Nomon brand.
Its variations allow it to be a very well-designed stylized functional device.
It is considered a design clock that you can place in the living room, living room, room or hallway without having to vary the decoration because it combines with the tones of the walls. It offers excellent style for modern floors. It can be installed easily and simply.
Its mechanism is quite silent so it doesn'tt bother when it's marking the hour and minutes. Its technology and versatility in this type of modern clock shows the exclusivity of the Axiom and Nomon brand. It can be a very good optionfor a present and it's available in the market in versions I N or G. It comes with a two year warranty.
In addition, their movements are quite simple. With Axiom and Nomon clocks you make sure that your friend and family visits are amazed by such an original piece of unique style. It guarantees quality efficiency in their operating mechanisms. They are very innovative and if you wish you can customize them.


  • Finish: Chrome
  • Color: Steel
  • Size: 23.6"W x 23.6"H
  • Ø Diameter: 74 cm. / 100 cm.
  • Chromed steel
  • Clock Hands: Polished Steel or painted in black, White and red.
  • Collection: Steel