Nomon Delmori G Clock | Walnut

By Nomon

$1,744 $2,180

The Nomon Delmori G designer clock is one of our most stunning wall clocks.
Its large size and intricate design are designed to be the centerpiece on your wall or ceiling.
It stands out for its unique design, as it has a double fiberglass ring structure, a touch that gives a lot of personality and style to any room or space.
These rings are in a discreet black color, since simplicity is our best ally in the structure of our watches.
Within the center of the rings of this design, is the box that is made of polished brass finished in gold.
To ensure the best function of the watch, we use German UTS technology.
The needles, which can be made of walnut or wenge wood, are the ideal addition to finish off the design of this clock.
Its shape is fine and delicate, a perfect touch to create contrast with a majestic and giant shape like the double ring. The time signals, in this case, are only four.
To finish it all off, this iconic clock is kept standing thanks to a support that can be anchored to a wall or ceiling.
We offer different options to place the clock, so the versatility when you decide to decorate is not lost.


  • Case: Polished brass.
  • Hands: Walnut or wenge wood.
  • Rim: Black or white fiberglass.
  • Mechanism: German UTS.
  • Dimensions: Ø130x140h cm.
  • Box: Polished brass
  • Clock Hands: Walnut wood or wenge.