Nomon Mini Aire Clock | Mair

By Nomon


If you are looking for a modern clock that matches the minimalist decoration of your home, without a doubt the Nomon Air G Clock is a candidate without equal. It is a desktop clock with a wooden base and its body is dramatically represented by two black fiber hoops.
Its design is a brilliant idea from Nomon that strips it of traditional time signs but is backed by a small polished brass case that holds the wooden needles.
The Nomon Air G Clock is not a simple article to decorate your space. It is closer to a work of plastic art. It is a design clock that can be displayed on a modern furniture of minimalist style. It is an ideal piece for design houses and modern flats.
It would be best if you put your Nomon Air G Clok in a large space where it can be appreciated you can use a wall in the living room or at the bottom of the reception area of your store or office so it can be your showcase the best thing is that the significance of its aesthetics doesn't detract from its usefulness.
The Nomon Air G Clock is a striking table clock and designed to innovate in interior decoration when you buy one, you can be sure that you will give an absolute demonstration of good taste and modernity. It is part of the Gold collection Nomon N is 55 cm tall and has a wooden support.
The mechanism is protected in its box from where the walnut-finished ash-wood needles movement.
Imagine how attractive it will look on a white shelving or a transparent fiber table. There are many alternatives offered by the Nomon Air G Clock you can hardly resist its charming and peculiar structure


  • Ø Diameter: 50 cm.
  • Box: Polished brass
  • Clock Hands: Walnut finish ash wood
  • Collection: Gold n
  • Ring: Black fiberglass.