Nomon Mini Daro Clock | Micro Dargo, Hands In Walnut Wood

By Nomon


The innovative mini Daro clock from Nomon is a needle clock for the wall that, in addition to indicating the time, helps to decorate and bring life to your space, whether it is your office or your home.
It is an elegant and refined reinterpretation of the Daro watch, with walnut wood hands and polished brass or graphite finish rim.
The materials that make up this wall clock are light and pleasant for any demanding taste.
There are details that give life to a space, unique details that make a difference or give it that touch of personality that you want to reflect so much that you and your guests can enjoy it.
Ideal to decorate your office or the living room of your house, regardless of the style that these spaces have, the original clock will fit with your tastes, as if it had been manufactured with you in mind.


  • Case and ring: Polished brass or graphite finish.
  • Hands: Walnut wood.
  • Mechanism: German UTS.
  • Dimensions: Ø40x62.5h cm.
  • Box: Polished brass
  • Clock Hands: Walnut wood
  • Collection: Gold n
  • Ring: Polished brass