Nomon Rodon Mini L Wall Clock | Chromed Brass/Walnut

By Nomon


Modern Wall Clock

An aesthetically pleasing design. The Rodon mini L clock is the smaller version of the Rodon clock by Nomon. Each piece of the clock is separate and comes together to form an open and airy finished product. With contrasting finishes and sizes, the time signals and wood hands pop for complementary element.

Perfect Design Piece For Any Room

Decorate each room with this simple and classic wall clock. This wall clock will make a statement and have everyone turning their heads to check the time from now on. Our watches will stand out as the perfect design piece for any room.


  • Style: Design, Modern
  • Case: Chrome steel
  • Hands: Black, white or red lacquered walnut wood
  • Time signals: Chrome steel
  • Premises: Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom
  • Dimensions: Ø50 cm
  • Model: RML012B, RML012R, RML012N