Nomon Sunset T Wall Clock | Walnut/Graphite Finished Brass

By Nomon


Beautiful Decor Piece For Rooms

The shape of the sun. The Sunset Wall Clock by Nomon is a beautiful decor piece for a variety of rooms in the home. Hand made from beautiful materials such as an option between different steel finishes along with gorgeous walnut wood hands. This piece will easily enhance a room and offer a minimalistic vibe.

Perfect Design Piece For Any Room

Decorate each room with this simple and classic wall clock. This wall clock will make a statement and have everyone turning their heads to check the time from now on. Our watches will stand out as the perfect design piece for any room.


  • Style: Design, Modern
  • Case: Graphite finished steel
  • Hands: Walnut wood
  • Pendulum: Walnut wood
  • Premises: Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom
  • Dimensions: Ø50 cm
  • Model: ISUNT