Nomon Swing G Classic Pendulum Clock | Walnut Finished Alder Wood/Brass

By Nomon


Modern Home Decor Classic Pendulum Clock

ø34 cm and 80 cm length clock, which combines the warmth of walnut wood and the movement elegance of a classic pendulum clock. Solid walnut finish, chromed brass hands and pendulum. Nomon creates innovative clocks and furniture that combine purpose and prestige.

Perfect Design Piece For Any Room

Decorate each room with this simple and classic wall clock. This wall clock will make a statement and have everyone turning their heads to check the time from now on. Our watches will stand out as the perfect design piece for any room.


  • Style: Design, Modern
  • Body: Solid wood with walnut finish
  • Hands: Polished metal
  • Pendulum: Polished metal
  • Premises: Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom
  • Dimensions: ø34 cm and 80 cm
  • Model: SWII