Norden Goods Aptos Incense | 20 Sticks

By Norden Goods



Aptos is a seaside community just outside of Santa Cruz, CA. Perched atop Monterey Bay, Aptos is home to the Forest of Nisene Marks with its giant redwoods and Douglas fir trees, and a stretch of coastline where forest cliffs drop off dramatically to the sea. Our Aptos fragrance blends forest, seaside flora, and warm spices together to evoke memories of this maritime enclave that is so dear to our hearts.


  • FRAGRANCE: Redwood, Geranium, Black Pepper, Turmeric Fragranced w/ 100% All Natural Essential Oils

  • SMELLS LIKE: Warm, woody, spicy, very slightly floral.

  • 20 Sticks

  • Made With All Natural Essential Oils

  • Approximate 45 Minute Burn Time Per Stick

  • Handmade and Packed in our California Studio