Nyta Pretty Steel Pendant Light | White

By Nyta


The Pretty lights family collection from Nyta comes three distinct types of luminaires, all of them beautifully waisted with clear lines. The soft flowing shape of the metal lampshades have been artfully crafted from a single piece of material. Comes in 3 sizes- Wide to emits an open and direct kind of light, Long to focus the light to a clean and narrow cone and Small for a smaller, classic variety. Bring home all three sizes for a complete look or choose one that fit the need of each room.

  • The light effect of the lampshades may vary according to their finish: a mat white produces a soft light, while a mat black emits a brilliant variety.
  • The matte finish aluminum shade has a 10’ cloth-covered cord for a high-quality and classy appearance for any environment.
  • Materials: Aluminum w/ matt finish
  • Color outside: matt white
  • Color inside: matt white
  • Cord: black cloth-covered  
  • Length of cord: 10'
  • Ceiling canopy: plastic, matt black
  • Base: E27
  • Long dimensions: Height: 13.3" Diameter: 6.5" Weight: 35 ounces
  • Small dimensions: Height: 7.1" Diameter: 6.5" Weight: 21 ounces
  • Wide dimensions: Height: 8.6" Diameter: 18.8" Weight: 46 ounces
  • Long: NY-PRT-LW, Small: NY-PRT-SW, Wide: NY-PRT-WW