Ostrichpillow Insulated Heatbag | Recycled Memory Foam

By Ostrichpillow


The Heatbag is made up of a natural clay inner core lined with smooth, durable nylon that can be microwaved or boiled for heat or placed in the freezer to make a cold compress. The clay bag is FDA/CE approved and, unlike its predecessors, reduces water waste, faulty products due to rubber damage, and burn injuries. It’s encased in a removable (and washable) cover made with recycled foam covered by jersey fabric, making it a soft and comfortable companion to hug even when you don’t have any pain. Also, unlike standard hot water bags that are identical on both sides, the Heatbag has two identified sides: the one that faces towards your body has a thin layer to comfortably distribute heat/cold where you need it, and the outer, double-layered side that prevents temperature loss so that you can use the Heatbag for more extended periods.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 16 x 7 cm x 275 inch
  • Weight: B90g


  • Recycled Foam
  • Cotton • E'astan fabric
  • Cotton hanger
  • Natural c By
  • Double sealed Nylon


  • Huggable and cozy
  • Long-lasting heat release
  • Machine washable cover
  • Eco friendly: no water waste
  • Easy. clean and safe use