Pillbox Bat Co. Classic Paint Baseball Bat | Here Lies The Goat

By Pillbox Bat Co.


Commemorate Your Love For The Game

The Curse of Billy Goat was the name of sports-related curse that was supposedly placed on Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs in 1945. The curse lasted 71 years, from 1945 to 2016. The odor of his pet goat, named Murphy, was bothering other fans, Sianis was asked to leave, Cubs' home ballpark 1945 World Series.

Classic Paint Baseball Bat

Outraged, Sianis allegedly declared, Them Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more, which had been interpreted to mean that either the Cubs would never win another National League (NL) pennant, or that they would never again win a World Series (at least for the rest of Sianis' life). 1945-2016.


  • Bat Length: 34"
  • Vintage Styles: Ash
  • Modern(AP5 model): Maple
  • Weight: Unweighed
  • Finish: Clear Coat
  • Crafted in the Pillbox Shop - Winona, MN USA