Pillbox Bat Co. Collaboration Paint Baseball Bat | Matthew Lee Rosen/Ash

By Pillbox Bat Co.


Collaboration Paint Baseball Bat

The smell of chewing gum and card stock triggers fond memories for anyone who opened up wax packs as a kid in the 1980’s. His work aims to recapture that part of our childhood. We've partnered with him to design a series of bats that, hopefully, transport you back to the good 'ol eighties. Cheers!

Commemorate your love for the game

Commemorate your love of the game with a Pillbox Art Bat. We only use high quality hand-split wood for our art bats, they are un-weighed and untested for game use. Though they are not intended for game use, they will surely intimidate any opponent and make a great addition to your baseball memorabilia collection.


  • Bat Length: 34"
  • Modern(AP5 model): Ash
  • Finish: Clear Coat
  • Design by: Matthew Lee Rosen
  • Crafted in the Pillbox Shop - Winona, MN USA