Projects Watches Diagram 17 Steel Watch | Black Silicone

By Projects Watches

$105 $140

The Diagram 17 is inspired by Gestalt psychology, which explores the way that the human mind acquires and interprets perception. Employing a contrasting set of curved and angular lines to create unique perceptions, the Diagram 17 Watch is a bold, striking timepiece. Geometric elements are enhanced by the white background and distinctive design of the hands. Step outside the usual and explore with the Diagram 17.

  • WEIGHT: .5 lbs
  • BAND (COLORS): Black
  • BAND (MATERIAL): Silicone, Silicone Band with Extra Leather Band
  • HEIGHT: 8.85mm (0.32″)
  • DIAMETER: 40mm (1.57”)
  • MOVEMENT: Japanese Quartz
  • BAND SIZE: 20mm
  • WATCH MODEL: BLACK Dial Drawing 17, WHITE Dial Diagram 17