Prologo Dimension Tri Cpc Nack Saddle | 143mm White/Silver

By Prologo


The Prologo Dimension Tri CPC saddle, as the name suggests, has been specifically designed for triathlon and time trial. Its dimensions and weight make it a high performance saddle. Its ergonomic V-shape and PAS perineal channel, modified in width and depth, improves comfort in all phases of pedalling. These features guarantee better blood circulation by eliminating numbness and excessive pressure in the genital area. With this CPC version, "skidding" is also eliminated, improving the cyclist's stability and guaranteeing better aerodynamics. The CPC design creates a suction cup effect that guarantees ideal posture and better aerodynamics.


  • 2 cm forward seating area
  • 7 mm wider tip
  • Variable density foams for increased stability and comfort
  • Dimensions: 245x143 mm
  • Rails: Nack (7x9.3 mm)
  • Weight: 181 g
  • Anatomy: Ergonomic Channel
  • Width: 140 / 149 mm
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Type: Road / Triathlon
  • Model: DITRNA3WBC0-AM