Prologo Proxim W400 Sport T2.0 Saddle | 165mm Hard Black

By Prologo


When Prologo decided to enter the E-Bike market, the specifics of the saddle were not just passing thoughts. They launched a design challenge at the Politecnico University of Milan - The biggest design college in Italy. This 360deg project started by an in-depth market analysis to get to know the sector, the target and the competition. All that information and data was spun together to create the best product that Prologo can offer the E-Bike market - The Proxim saddle.


  • Rail in chromoly is a perfect compromise between strength and weight
  • Multi Sector System
  • Wider and inclined downwards
    protection against water and mud during critical weather conditions
  • More blood flow and air cooling
  • Designed in co-operation with the Polytechnic of Milan
  • It helps to improve comfort and performance;
  • The active foam pads, separated from each other,
  • Create independent zones that work in a smart and individual way,
  • The distribution of the pressures on a greater surface
  • The Round Shape of the M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation
  • Creating stability and support for the lumbar areas
  • Model: PR40206HB95-AM