Punkt. 4G Mobile Phone | Light Grey

By Punkt.


Elevate your communication with the Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phone in Light Grey. Experience distraction-free connectivity through its 4G LTE sharing that is perfect for tablets/laptops. Unplug from constant notifications and enjoy real moments. Crafted for comfort and quality, it ensures clear audio, extended battery life, and elegant design. Renowned designer Jasper Morrison brings you a user-centric interface: press to call, and text effortlessly. Privacy is paramount with the Signal protocol, offering encrypted global calls/texts. Solid, textured, and balanced for one-handed use. Embrace focused and secure communication with the MP02.

DISTRACTION-FREE CONNECTIVITY: The Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phone in Light Grey enables seamless 4G LTE sharing for tablets and laptops, reducing distractions and enhancing online interactions.

ENHANCED PRIVACY: With the Signal protocol, the MP02 offers encrypted global calls and texts, safeguarding your privacy against potential threats and ensuring confidential conversations.

SOLID AND TEXTURED BUILD: The MP02's solid and well-balanced construction, reinforced with glass fiber and a unique textured finish, offers a premium tactile experience for one-handed usability and durability.


  • Supports 4G LTE network connectivity for seamless online access.
  • Share 4G LTE with tablets/laptops for enhanced typing and larger screens.
  • Designed to reduce digital distractions, promoting focused interactions.
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable and compact fit in hand.
  • Ensures clear and high-quality audio for uninterrupted conversations.
  • Long-lasting battery life to keep you connected throughout the day.
  • Sleek Styling: Contemporary light grey design with modern aesthetic appeal.
  • Intuitive interface by renowned designer Jasper Morrison.
  • One-handed usability with dedicated buttons for calls and texts.
  • Monochrome+ display with 100% text-based interface, no icons.
  • Utilizes Signal protocol for encrypted global calls and texts.
  • Minimalist OS fortified against attacks; no sensitive data handling.
  • Unique soundscapes crafted by acclaimed sound artists.
  • Offers encrypted calls/texts via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Reinforced glass-fiber body with a textured finish for a solid grip and protection.