Punkt. DP01 Cordless Phone | Black

By Punkt.


The more our phones do, the less we get done. Punkt. provides focused function in the most stylish way with the DP01 Cordless Phone. Simple and modern, this cordless phone delivers exactly what its meant to, straightforward communication without the distraction of over-bearing "advanced" functions.  

  • Visual answering machine. Easily check for new messages using the visual interface by date
  • 100 Contacts. Save up to 100 entries in the contact list with 3 different numbers for each entry.
  • High quality audio. Enjoy all your conversations in crystal clear audio quality.
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning. Place it horizontally on a flat surface or vertically wall mounted.
  • Hands-free function. The handset is specifically designed to be stable on a flat surface, so you can enjoy convenient hands-free communication.
  • Ringtones composed by Scanner. A non-intrusive and particularly crisp set of sounds characterizes the DP 01 as a phone that softly integrates itself in any type of environment.