Resource Decor Zuma Queen Sized Bed | Charcoal Gray

By Resource Decor


Designer Thomas Bina crafted the Queen Size Zuma Bed with a charcoal gray acrylic frame that is centered around linear strips or peroba wood. Each strip is hand selected and arranged to natural contrast the variations in form and color. Steel legs finished in a satin brass complete this bed frame's composition.

Designer: Thomas Bina

Product Dimensions:

  • Inches: 65.5x89x42
  • Centimeters: 165.8x225.7x106.2


  • Acrylic Charcoal Lacquer
  • Drawer Fronts-Reclaimed French Oak
  • Peroba
  • Walnut & Chestnut
  • Stainless Steel


  • Natural Peroba Wood Finish
  • Black Lacquer
  • Satin Brass

Model: 0703161