Rex Supply Co Envoy Double-Edge Safety Shaving Razor for Men

By Rex Supply Co

$129 $215

Rex Supply Co presents an Envoy double-edge safety razor that gives a clean and smooth shave instantly. Made with high-quality marine-grade stainless steel that gives you the lifetime support. It has a sure grip handle that gives control and confidence. Gives you a clean and smooth shaving experience without razor burn, or irritations. This will be a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones.

SUPER SAFETY RAZOR: The super-safe Envoy razor for men has a double-edge safety with an elegant look and a weighted feel that delivers an elevated shaving experience instantly. Our double-edge safety razor is made with the brilliance of marine-grade stainless steel that is durable and rust-resistant. Comes with modern precision and premium features of a fixed blade design. It has a sure grip handle that inspires confidence through control, even when wet.

SMOOTH AND CLEAN SHAVE: The razor provides a clean, smooth, and close shave without razor burn, skin irritation, burn, and tugging. After shaving you feel cool and confident. The safety razor will be the perfect gift for your friend or loved ones. You can gift it to your friends on birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion.

FOR BEST RESULT: Create a rich lather with a shaving brush and cream. Use the razor and blades to cut hair on the skin level to help reduce bumps and irritation. Finish with an alcohol-free after shaver for instant soothing and calming.


  • Super safety razor
  • Made with marine-grade stainless steel
  • Sure-grip handle
  • Length is 3.5"
  • Weight is 3.73oz
  • The blade gap is 0.025"
  • The total Length is 3.36"
  • Handle Length is 3"
  • Different polish available
  • Double-edge safety razor
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Gives control even when wet
  • Provides a clean, smooth, and close shave