RS Barcelona Ombra Stool

By RS Barcelona


Fill your room with Ombras. Ombra means shadow in Catalan. The Ombra stool has its own place in any space. In a bar, restaurant, terrace, office or home. Its clean and elegant look, its different finishes and its wide range of colours, adapt to any style and environment. And its generous measurements and the ergonomic shape of its seat provide a comfortable sitting. Versatility, lightness, resistance and functionality are, together with design, the words that best describe the Ombra stools. Whether in its tall, medium or low version, with or without a backrest, take your Ombra and, please, sit down.

  • Structure:
      • Steel with cataphoretic coating process
      • Polyester paint
      • Stainless steel for the inox finish
  • Dimensions:
  • Bar Stool with Backrest:
      • 45x38x88 cm / 17.7x15x35 in
  • Bar Stool Dimensions:
      • 45x38x75 cm / 17.7x15x29.5 in
  • Counter Stool with Backrest Dimensions:
      • 45x38x77 cm / 17.7x15x30 in
  • Counter Stool Dimensions:
      • 45x38x65 cm / 17.7x15x25.6 in
  • Low Stool with Backrest Dimensions:
      • 45x38x57 cm / 17.7x15x24.5 in
  • Low Stool Dimensions:
      • 45x38x45 cm / 17.7x15x17.7 in
Suitable for indoor/ outdoor use