SeaLife Flex Connect Ball Arm Kit | Length 15”

By SeaLife


The SLKIT11 Ball Arm Kit is a complete turn-key package that includes one SL9909 Ball Arm, two SL9907 Ball Clamps, one SL995 Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter and one SL999 Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect. Use two Ball Arm Kits to gain an additional 9.5” (24cm) extension.


  • Arm for Underwater Strobe
  • Part of Modular Arm System
  • Ball Joints at Either End
  • Length 15”
  • Box Included: 1x SL9909 Ball Arm, 2x SL9907 Ball Clamps, 1x SL995 Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter, 1x SL999 Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect
  • Model: SLKIT11